Black Opal
The ask Create a 360-degree brand campaign celebrating Black Opal’s 25-year commitment to empowering Black and Brown women.
The challenge With many in the rapidly shifting beauty industry asking “Why Black Opal?” it became clear the brand's values were no longer getting passed on to the next generation. 
The story We turned to the brand’s employees, whose personal stories highlight the brand’s relevance and future. This strategy not only provided an emotional answer rooted in the brand’s DNA, it allowed the consumers to see themselves in these vital ambassadors.
The result “True Shades of Beauty” is a campaign that gets to the heart of why women love Black Opal. The unique stories and perspectives on beauty are diverse, and reflect the global voices—from Congo, Ivory Coast, Panama, Jamaica, Senegal, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Venezuela, Guadeloupe, United States, Cuba, France, Brazil, Colombia—of those who touch the brand daily. Explore their stories.
In-house creative team: Merrell Hollis, makeup artist and consulting artistic director; Ro Morgan, hair stylist; Marion Bota, marketing director; Maya H. Brown, marketing consultant & producer; Carlos Perla, photographer, post-production; Matthew Chaves, product photography;  Eddye Dibar, DP, copywriter & editor, translations; Asha Verma, Director of Creative Services
“This campaign platform is the beginning of a new era in marketing at Black Opal. With this work, the internal team has given an answer to the question ‘Why Black Opal’ in the most powerful way.”
Carol Jackson Mouyiaris, founder
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