NATIVSK/N Organics
The ask Create a brand identity for a new DTC skincare brand that treasures melanin as a gift.
The challenge NATIVSK/N is an herbal skin care range created specifically for women of color. It is also the first Cosmos-certified care regimen designed to calm overactive skin pigment cells. Against this backdrop was the need to create an uplifting brand message that celebrates the beauty and empowerment of an underrepresented community.
The story We created an ecosystem of assets consists of naming, logo design, packaging, and visuals for all channels. The brand platform emanates from the idea that NATIVSK/N is skincare made from life. The idea establishes a strong connection between gentle and effective care for beautifully-pigmented skin, and the alchemical nature of the herbalist’s world.
The result The brand design sets the tone for future NATIVSK/N communications. It's an optimistic message of empowerment that goes skin deep to celebrate melanin as a gift.
Photography Product, Marili Forastieri; Styling, Nan Whitney; Beauty, Akos Simon
Profit from a compelling narrative and creative integrity.

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