The ask Build a holistic content ecosystem to help the brand find, educate, and inspire converts to the Naturopathica way based on its new positioning, “Shared Convictions—For Deeper Beauty.”
The challenge Naturopathica’s 25-year legacy as a cutting-edge holistic wellness brand was losing relevance and competitiveness in the cluttered Clean Beauty landscape. It was time to dive deeper into the brand’s core.
The story The rebrand—which included a new logo, palette, packaging, and multi-channel art direction—is about a relatable identity that redefines the brand emotionally and visually, to forage a modern approach to how the brand looks and speaks to consumers.
The result This unifying brand platform communicates the essence of Naturapathica’s values and healing practices throughout its channels, services, products, and culture. The rebrand supports Naturopathica’s unique provenance—coherently aligning its powerful motifs of healing, wellness and beauty.
Creative partners—Product photography & motion, Samuel Bristow, Peter Tak; Beauty photography & motion, Erez Sabag, Kezi Ban, Alex Beauchesne; Editing & post-production, Mauricio Soto
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