Dr. Rossi Derm MD
The ask Create a brand identity and packaging design for a seven-piece debut collection to support the launch of a digital-first, clinical grade dermatology skincare collection designed to put care back into beauty.
The challenge To be successful, we needed to create an entire brand ecosystem that would be relevant to those seeking solutions for sensitized skin, and instill brand trust amid misinformation within the social media landscape.
The story Against a blank canvas and ‘science-backed’ product development, we created a new home shaped by a brand name, logo, palette, packaging and 2D visual assets. 
The result We delivered a brand identity that bridges the divides of clinical versus natural, and effective versus sustainable. We brought to life ‘science-backed’ by following a decidedly different aesthetic from the competitive set—all in a voice and visual tonality that engenders trust.
Agency Partner Coup Creative, Fataah Dihaan, Creative Director; Pieter Henket, Photography; Roger Inniss, Producer, Boom Productions. In-house creative team Laura Sena, Sr. Designer
Profit from a compelling narrative and creative integrity.

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